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Keeping Your Child Healthy At a Daycare Center

Research published by the National Institutes of Health states that a majority of young children in the United States spend a considerable amount of time in non-parental care settings. At their time in childcare, they come into contact with other children and, undeniably, a ton of germs!

So if your child has started falling sick repeatedly, it might be because of their daycare center.

But you don’t have to worry! You can easily prevent your child from contracting the flu, colds, and fevers. Here’s how:

Boost Immunity

The first step to keeping your child healthy is to ensure that their immune system is strong. Include lots of fruits and vegetables in their diet so they get all the necessary nutrients. Remember, proper sleep is the key to boosting immunity.

Practice Proper Hand Washing

One of the most effective ways to stop the spread of illness is to wash your hands regularly. Make sure you child is aware of the dangers of dirty hands and teach them the right techniques of scrubbing and hand washing. You can get your child started on a hand washing routine from home by asking them to clean up before and after meals and especially after going to the toilet.

Get Your Child Vaccinated

Minimize the risk of your little one contracting an avoidable illness by getting them vaccinated. Most daycare centers have this as a requirement but make sure you keep your child up-to-date on vaccines even if it’s not.

Control Cross-Contamination

When it comes to children, cross-contamination is quite inevitable. They’ll pick up anything from the ground which will go straight to their mouths. To prevent your child from falling sick because of this, make sure you that the daycare center you’ve chosen keeps things cleans, such as the floor, toys and more.

Choose the Right Daycare Center

When choosing the daycare center make sure you go with the facility that exercises health policies. Visit the academy yourself to evaluate their cleanliness. The ideal daycare center would have separate sinks for hand washing and food prep. Moreover, their diaper changing areas and bathroom should be far apart from their food and hand washing areas.

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