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How Montessori Plays A Vital Part In Sparking Creativity In Children

A preschooler riding a tricycle.

The education system is designed to facilitate learning among students. While learning is important, the ability to express themselves and have an imagination of their own is vital amongst children. Preschoolers need to be given the skills and encouragement needed that allows them to learn, while still being creative. Students go beyond memorizing information to utilize this information and use it creatively.

In preschool, children learn to develop an understanding of key subjects that comes in handy when they move onto areas of study like mathematics, history, language, etc. In preschool, however, these subjects are taught in a unique way. Mentors create group activities, encourage the students to do independent research, and use other methods to help them learn new information and retain it. These activities empower students, not just intellectually, but also emotionally.

Fostering curiosity in young minds is essential for them to discover and learn new things about the world. Making kids curious is the best way to get them to seek answers that go beyond a classroom environment.

The role of instructors

The mentors and instructors working with the children play a vital role in nurturing their curiosity. The teacher, in a Montessori setting, is more than just a source of information, they observe each child and help them develop, while also giving parents accurate feedback on how their child is performing.

By observing each child closely, an instructor develops a long term understanding of external rewards and disciplinary measures that can keep kids on track. They also need to be flexible as the approach for one child might not work for another.

Children being taught to bake in preschool.

Getting those creative juices flowing

Children are often reprimanded for things they do, even if it’s something that is completely harmless. Constantly being dissuaded from doing something limits their creativity. In a Montessori setting, we try our best to allow the creativity of children to show through, whether that’s letting them come up with their own story, or creating art with all the supplies we have available. This trait is also crucial for their personal and professional growth and we urge parents to encourage creativity in their children as well.

We also incorporate fun games that test their problem solving abilities. Not only does this help them think themselves, but they find innovative ways to deal with situations.

Our teachers at Abacus Montessori Academy are trained to care, teach, and act as a coach to our students. Our preschool New Britain gently encourages children to do better and achieve their full potential. Students therefore develop problem-solving skills, independence, and a love for learning. Contact us for more information about our child care centre.

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