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Overcoming Homeschooling Problems

The spread of the coronavirus has led to the closure of schools across the country. Parents have had to take on the role of teachers while simultaneously working from home. This drastic change hasn’t been the easiest on parents. With virtually no time for parents to prepare for this pandemic and the changed that have come with it, many problems have come about with home schooling.

Here’s how you can overcome these issues:

Lack of socialization

Not being able to go to school has definitely affected the progress children have made, especially younger children. It takes a while for children to settle into preschool and being away from their parents, homeschooling them at a young age has brought them back to square one.

Many parents are worried about their children’s social skills due to this pandemic. Kids can get too comfortable only seeing their parents around and once things settle down they might be afraid of new faces.

Since it’s still not safe to meet other children and have playdates like before, getting over this hurdle isn’t as easy. Parents can get together and organize virtual games for their kids. This way parents can supervise and children can have some form of interaction with others.

Take the kids to the park for some socially distant fun with others. Tennis, bike rides, playing catch, baseball, etc. are all games children can play outdoors while still maintaining a safe distance from each other.


Children completing their homework.

Since we’re mostly spending time indoors, many of us feel like there’s nothing to do. You probably want to keep your kids busy at all times and that can lead you to overschedule their day. The key is to not overwhelm your child while homeschooling. There’s only so much they can learn in a day, so spread out their lessons and let them enjoy their time at home too.

The role of parent and teacher

When homeschooling your kids, the lines tend to blur on the roles of teacher and parent. It’s essential for parents to find that balance. Be their teacher for those few hours in a day while they’re in “school,” the rest of the time, you have to be a parent, a parent who encourages fun while still being there for the kids.

Younger siblings

Parents with younger children at home definitely find it difficult to balance everything on their shoulders. Taking care of a newborn or a toddler can drain you of energy required to home school your older child.Parents need to work together to create a routine that works. Single parents could try and get the support of their families to make things work.

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