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How to Prepare Your Young Child to Follow COVID-19 Guidelines

A little girls scared to attend school amidst the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has been destructive—to say the least. The contagiousness of the virus makes it a particularly deadly threat. So, when the WHO issued a report explaining the transmission pattern of the deadly virus, a country-wide lockdown was eventually imposed.

Everything came to a halt, including your child's school routine. Fortunately, we've managed to curb the spread to some degree using effective social distancing practices, even if the virus is still transmittable. As the curve flattens, educational institutes are being re-opened.

As a parent, we know you're scared about letting your child attend school. The risk remains, so it's imperative to teach children preventive measures and best practices.

That’s why we’ve gathered five useful tips to help you prepare your little one to follow COVID-19 guidelines.

1. Talk about Social Distancing

Reinforce the concept of social distancing in your child’s mind. Practice it before school starts so your little one gets used to it. Teach them alternatives for hugging their friends and teachers, like a distanced high-five or a wave.

2. Help Your Kid Understand the Importance of Hygiene

Review and practice proper hand-washing techniques at home. Tell your child to wash their hands after every hour and right away if they sneeze or touch their masks.

A father teaching his little girl how to wash hands properly

Make hand-washing fun to ensure your child follows through with the important practice.

Secondly, guide your child about the proper usage of hand sanitizers. Ensure that you provide them with FDA-approved sanitizers that don’t contain toxic methanol. Moreover, give them home-made lunch and ensure they don’t share it with other children.

3. Stay Informed About School Policies and COVID-19 Response Plans

Although the US government and WHO have strictly asked all schools to implement effective anti-COVID-19 strategies, it's important that you follow up. Your children's health and safety, their classmates, and their teachers should be the utmost priority.

Learn more about our COVID-19 response by reading our comprehensive FAQs section.

4. Prepare Your Kid for Post-Pandemic Transportation

If your child uses the bus, tell them they have to wear their mask on the bus and talk about the importance of following bus and spaced seating rules. If your child’s school uses the cohort model, consider finding families within your child's group to be part of the carpool.

We Are Playing Our Part in Flattening the Curve

Abacus Montessori Academy is focused on ensuring the safety of its teachers and students amidst the pandemic. We’re based in Chalfont and aim to provide maximum support and facilities in our Chalfont child care through multi-approach programs for your Montessori toddler.

You can also talk to us directly or can to clarify any further queries regarding our COVID-19 response.

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