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Our Preschool Focuses on Cognitive and Social Development through Sensory Play


There’s no denying that Montessori students grow up to be enthusiastic, confident and self-paced learners who are accountable to both themselves and their community. Following Dr. Maria Montessori multisensory development method, we believe that when children are given the opportunity to learn at their own pace, and with activities of their own choosing, they master the skills necessary for self-learning, exploration and discovery.

Our child care center focuses on preparing children for life outside school, which is why our teachers encourage students to think creatively and apply out-of-the box reasoning to real life situations. Practical life exercises and sensory play in individual and group activities not only teach children to work collaboratively but engaging with peers from different ethnic backgrounds allows students to embrace diversity.

According to Dr. Montessori’s teachings, children begin to refine their five senses—tactile, auditory, visual, olfactory and gustatory—from birth to age five. This sensitive period of development can be characterized by a kid’s fascination with small and big objects. Sensorial activities help children in discrimination and maintaining order, further broadening their senses. Founded upon the Montessori philosophy, our day care center considers students as “sensorial explorers” who combine Montessori materials with sensorial work to become more perceptive, logical and aware.

Students from all across Warrington, PA, engage in our carefully designed sensorial area, which is not only inviting, but also ingenious. The idea is to build a strong foundation of independent learning, which is why the materials in the sensorial bin teach one essential skill at a time. Plus, the materials are also “self-correcting”, which means that students can identify if they’ve successfully completed an activity and try again without intervention from teachers. These self-correcting toys, like block towers, develop confidence, self-sufficiency, and encourage critical thinking.

Our preschool develops a cultivate love for learning in your child. The skills that they develop during their early years become a propelling force through their secondary education, career and job training. Moreover, since the learning process is student-led, children develop a sense of confidence and independence in their abilities much quicker than in a traditional school setting. Rather than simply teaching facts to children, our Montessori approach strives to nurture your child’s natural desire for understanding, knowledge and respect.

Enroll your kids in our child care center today if you’re based in Warrington, PA. We offer toddler, primary and kindergarten programs. Get in touch with our staff today!

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