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Our Learning Approach Taps into Your Child’s Natural Curiosity


The educational philosophy at Abacus Montessori Academy strives to encourage a life-long love for learning in your child. Our students see learning as an enjoyable process as they reach out to Montessori materials and activities that pique at their interests and curiosity. After all, self-directed and active-learning are the hallmarks of out Montessori classrooms.

Our child care center focuses on “freedom within limits”. This is a dedicated time of the day where our students from all across Colmar, PA, indulge in spontaneous activities of their own choosing. The freedom time, however, is within limits because the learning materials and activities are purposefully selected by our teachers from structured options beforehand—based on the children’s learning goals. The idea is to build on your little one’s ability to focus on a particular task; when students are given engaging and meaningful work of their own choosing, they demonstrate impressive sustained focus. Moreover, teachers act as guides and draw the students’ attention towards new areas of challenges and inquiry.

Here, at Abacus Montessori Academy, we believe in an education system that includes children of mixed age groups. This promotes cooperative play as students learn from each other, creating a friendly learning environment in the classroom. Older students mentor the young ones and learn to share and work courteously while they explore various stations in our Montessori classroom. Moreover, the combination of independent, small-group, partner and whole-group activities introduces students to various interpersonal dynamics and learning relationships—skills valuable for their social interactions outside the classroom. Allowing kids to make their own choices, based on their internal motivation, instead of adult direction, really builds a strong foundation for self-learning and discipline.

Learning activities in our day care center are presented individually to the children, recognizing that they progress at their own pace. When students are given the opportunity to review, practice and move forward based on their own capabilities and interests, they start taking charge of their own learning and develop a sense of accountability of their own knowledge. Our teachers use their knowledge of child development to prepare an environment that is academically, socially, emotionally and physically accessible.  They develop individualized learning plans for each student and encourage them to purse answers to their own questions, in addition to teaching them how to seek out new knowledge themselves.
Self-assessment and self-corrections is an integral part of our preschool. Students learn to look at their work critically, and then recognize, correct and learn from their errors. If you’re based in Colmar, PA area, enroll your children in our educational programs today! Get in touch with our staff if you have any queries. We look forward to hearing from you!

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