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What Our Parents Say...

Young Family

"My children started at Abacus in the fall of 2016.  As an educator in a local, public elementary school, I was looking for a daycare that would be meet the educational needs of my children.  I toured many local daycares at the time but was blown away by Abacus Montessori.  Abacus was very different from them all.  First of all, as a Montessori school, it teaches kids using the hands-on Montessori method.  I have found this method to be extremely effective with my children.  Secondly, the school facilities are bright, clean and kept up.  They have rooms for their "work time" and an additional space for play.  I loved this since I wanted my child to understand the difference between "work time" and "play time."  Thirdly, the price is right.  Everyone thinks Montessori is expensive, however, I found this school to be affordable for my family.  Finally, the wonderful staff.  They are friendly, communicative, caring, loving and dedicated individuals who I trust to care for my kids.  I wouldn't go anywhere else..." - Bethany Willits

"Our son really loved going to Abacus and we loved sending him there! Everyone was super supportive all the time and really helped him get ready for kindergarten and he made some great friends. I would definitely recommend sending your child here "- Saralynne McGrogan

"We absolutely loved our son's time here. Learning at his own pace, picking his choice of study/ies for the day allowed him the relaxed atmosphere to really grown into his own little human. Not just the 3-R's here. Children are little humans that CAN do things on their own and LOVE coming home to show you, even if it was simply how to fill a watering can then pour from it without spilling!" - Clorece Kulp

"We are so pleased with Abacus Montessori Academy! Our three year old daughter attends and it is amazing to watch how she is thriving thanks to the excellent care and mentoring she receives at Abacus. The teachers and staff are knowledgeable, professional, concerned about child development and well trained in the principles of Montessorri education. Unlike many standard "day care facilities," Abacus Montessori facilitates intentional opportunities for growth that are developmentally appropriate and based on fostering autonomy. They do an excellent job of meeting each child where they are and accentuating their special strengths, areas for growth and talents. We couldn't be happier to watch our child's emotional, social and cognitive development unfold in such a stimulating and nurturing environment. Thanks Abacus!" - Audrey Ervin

Young Family with Pet Dog

"Excellent school! Warm and welcoming atmosphere with great learning skills applied through the Montessori way" - Susan Elizabeth

"Abacus Montessori Academy has been an absolutely amazing experience for my daughter who has been there since 3 1/2 years old.  She is incredibly bright and needed a warm, welcoming environment to expand her socializing skills after only knowing being at home before.  In the last 7 months, I have seen her become more comfortable in a learning environment and expand her practical, as well as academic skills, while having fun doing so, making new friends with students and staff in the process.  I love the tailored learning she gets so that it's at her pace, as well as when I walk in to pick her up it's very reassuring that the classroom is never chaotic, but calm.  Thank you to the staff of Abacus!  So happy to be here.  My son will be following suit in the near future. " 

- Jessica Veno

"Top notch Montessori school that is committed to the Montessori Method. Beautiful and clean facility with professional and friendly staff. My daughter is blossoming here -" Jen Tony

"My 3 ½ year old has been going to Abacus since April 2017, and we just love it!

He was just beginning potty training when he started, and they really were great at helping him get fully potty trained quickly.

The school is also really good at sanitizing to try to fight off all of those nasty germs out there. That is a very important feature for any school.

All of the teachers and staff are lovely people and really make the kids feel comfortable and welcomed.

We love the school’s approach at teaching kids, not only academics, but also how to live life doing daily tasks (like helping clean up – which all mommy’s can appreciate 😀)

I was initially worried that Montessori may not challenge the kids enough, because they choose what work they want to do. However the teachers are always good at redirecting them to more challenging work when needed and my little guy is always impressing me about how far he has come.

I find that this is not a strict Montessori school in the classic sense, as they seem much more flexible and caring than what is described about Montessori."

Nikki Milan

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