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A Child-Focused Learning Environment That Ensures Academic Success


Do you realize the lasting impact that early learning experiences have on your child‘s future learning and overall development? For parents and caregivers in New Britain, PA, who are looking for topnotch educational programs, Abacus Montessori Academy offers toddler, primary and kindergarten programs that are based on self-directed activity, collaborative play and hands-on learning.
Our Montessori classrooms are happy, peaceful places that are designed to meet your child’s developmental milestones. Children learn in pairs, small and large groups and by themselves, building a solid-foundation for lifelong learning. The teachers serve as guides, encouraging students to engage in activities of their choice. Natural learning materials, attractive and bright colors, and fascinating cultural objects in the classroom offer intellectual and sensory experiences to all children.

The environment in our childcare center is prepared in every way for your child’s optimal development: socially, cognitively, physically and emotionally. Our experienced staff aligns learning materials in the classroom according to what each child needs at the moment—hands-on exploration is highly encouraged in our classrooms! We believe in following your child’s natural inclination towards activities by offering a wide variety of age-appropriate objects for meaningful engagement.

The motto of our day care center is to foster the growth of functional independence, self-regulation and task persistence in children aged from 12 months to six years. Not only do our compassionate caregivers offer opportunities for imaginative exploration, but they also teach children how to regulate their social interactions. Teachers demonstrate appropriate ways to settle arguments and react to new situations by engaging students in group activities. This gives your child the ability to respond to social interactions in a respectful and calm way. After all, promoting self-confidence and creative self-expression is one our main objectives.

The education approach at Abacus Montessori Academy reframes the adult/child relationship, and places the child at the center of their own learning experiences. Our teachers respect all students as unique and separate individuals, guiding them through complex learning materials as they grow older. We believe that when children are given the opportunity of discovering answers by themselves, it not only leads to deeper learning experiences, but it also develops a life-long love of self-learning and problem-solving.

Our preschool in Chalfont, PA, offers a learning environment that nurtures independence and self-resilience in children. If you’re based in New Britain, get in touch with our staff to schedule a tour of our classrooms. We look forward to speaking with you!

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