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Promote Learning in an Exciting and Fun Environment


Abacus Montessori Academy aims to provide an inclusive method of education that facilitates children of all races, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. Apart from maximizing learning and developmental growth for each toddler and preschooler in our center, we are dedicated towards encouraging good citizenship within the students, along with fostering a respect for self, others and the environment.

Families from Doylestown, PA, enroll their children in Abacus toddler, primary and kindergarten programs to ensure that their little ones learn in a safe and nurturing surrounding that promotes independent learning and self-discipline. Our childcare center offers a unique mix of loving interactions and advanced curriculum that’s founded on play-based activities—propelling our academy far beyond the typical concepts of “day care”. You can rest assured that our staff works to establish a firm foundation that’ll set your little one on an accelerated path of educational success!

Each Montessori classroom in our childcare center is specially designed to encourage children of mixed ages to actively participate in hands-on activities and learn at their own pace. We believe that an environment that reflects real life situations and teaches concrete life skills helps develop competence and confidence in children. After all, the heart of the Montessori approach is to focus on each student’s strengths, recognizing that each student progresses according to their own unique interests, abilities, backgrounds and schedules.

The early years of your child—from birth to age 6—are crucial in their overall development as they are most able to learn specific skills and absorb information from their surroundings during these years. Therefore, our preschool uses this window of opportunity to provide a prepared environment where everything in the classroom, from the furniture to the learning materials, are thoughtfully arranged to pique at the children’s curiosity and encourage love of learning. Learning materials are placed on low shelves so that children can freely opt for activities that grab their attention; this sets a strong foundation for developing a sense of independence and capability in children.

Abacus Montessori Academy nurtures order, concentration and collaboration in children from the moment they enter the classrooms. Our daily routines and lessons align with your child’s physical, cognitive, language and social development.
So, if you’re based in Doylestown, and are looking for a student-focused childcare center that focuses on your child’s practical skills at an early age, enroll your little one in Abacus Montessori Academy, where the fun and learning never stops!

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