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Our Preschoolers Engage In Self-Directed Learning That Promotes a Lasting Love of Learning


Student-led, self–paced learning activities are the primary focus of our child care center. Creating an accessible environment is of paramount importance because our students learn with the help of meticulously designed learning aids. The classrooms at Abacus Montessori Academy are thoughtfully prepared to lead young learners towards the discovery of abstract ideas through hands-on learning tools.

Our Perkasie-based families state that the best part of our Montessori classrooms is that they allow children to learn at their own individual pace. We expose students to lessons, materials and activities that build on their skill sets as they progress through developmental stages. What do our classrooms look like, you ask? The furniture is age-appropriate and moveable, allowing children to engage in a variety of activities. The focus of our Montessori classroom is comfort and flexibility. What’s more is that sensory-based learning materials are placed on low-shelves and within easy reach of the children so that they can indulge in learning through exploration and discovery.

One of the hallmarks of our day care center’s education method is that it takes advantage of your child’s natural curiosity and love for learning. Our practical life exercises provide a scope for everyday routine through purposeful activities. These skills, when taught early in life, allow children to become independent and self-sufficient.

Our classroom environment also teaches self-discipline and order. All activities and objects have precise location on the shelves, and children are encouraged to place items back into their appropriate places once they’re finish with the activities. This sense of order facilitates your child’s learning process and caters to your little one’s innate need for an orderly environment. Children who work and play in a predictable and neat area, fully unleash their focus and creativity on the learning process.

Learning occurs at a comfortable pace as our educational approach is individualized for each student according to their respective interests and abilities. This naturally encourages students to experiment with more challenging areas—accelerating their overall learning experience. Our curriculum also covers several areas like sensorial skills, mathematics, language, music, outdoor, and cultural activities today!

So, what’re you waiting for? If you’re based in Perkasie, PA, enroll your children now in our nurturing child care center that’s designed to create natural opportunities for independence and accountability. Get in touch with our staff for more information about our programs and schedule a tour of our classrooms.

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