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How to Create a Positive Learning Environment for Children

At school, daycare, or at home, a positive environment is critical to the development and learning of a child. By a positive learning environment, we aren’t just referring to the physical setting of the space, but also the feelings of a child toward the setting.

According to a research report by The Council of State Governments Justice Center, students can learn better in a school or classroom environment that is safe, engaging, interactive and supportive. These conditions lead to an improvement in their test results, communication with peers, attendance, and behaviors.

There are numerous ways in which educators and parents can build an environment that boosts their ability to learn and grow.

Organize and De-Clutter

Creating an orderly environment can enhance children's learning abilities. An organized and clutter-less room helps them focus on the important things and allows them to be open to new ideas and concepts. A messy room with varying wall colors and cluttered furniture can be an obstruction in the learning process of children. The room must be arranged in a way that provides enough space for children to walk around without hitting furniture.

Consider Color of the Room

Colors have a huge impact on the stimulation of certain brain functions, according to the Association of Talent Development. Studies have shown the different effects of colors on the human brain and body:

  • Blue boosts creativity and relaxation

  • Yellow (in balanced amount) stimulates happiness

  • Orange improves critical thinking skills and the ability to memorize

Another study suggested that bright color tones boost brain activity in preschool and elementary school children and help them feel comfortable in large spaces. Educators and parents can use these colors in classrooms to improve learning for children.

Make Them Feel Physically and Emotionally Secure

Children need to feel physically and mentally safe when they are in their homes and schools. It makes them more comfortable in the space so they can focus all their attention on learning. Most preschools and elementary schools have proper measures to ensure safety for children such as childproofing, cleanliness, security systems, etc. However, that’s not it. Children need to feel emotionally secure; they need support, a welcoming environment, and respectful treatment to be able to exhibit better academic performance.

If you’re looking for a preschool in Chalfont for your kid, enroll your kid with us! At Abacus Montessori Academy, we focus on providing children a positive learning environment to boost their mental development and learning process.

For more information about our child care centre, teaching methods and tools, contact us at (215) 996-0591.

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