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Fun Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Your Little Ones

It’s almost time to ring in the New Year—how do you plan to celebrate it with your family?

For us, New Year’s Eve is all about rocking the pajamas, enjoying sparkling cider and making tons of fun crafts that keep us busy all night long! It’s the perfect time share our favorite memories and plan the New Year together.

Here are some simple ways to keep the kids entertained and also have adults join in on the fun:

1. Photo Props

Take some hilarious photos to make it a memorable night with New Year’s-themed hand-made props. You can make a pair of 2020 glasses, cut out a simple top hat or a bunch of moustaches on card sheet and stick them to self-adhesive sticks.

We bet your little ones will love swapping out all the different props to make silly poses!

1. Customized Countdown Clocks

Count down to the new year with paper plate countdown clocks. Kids love using the movable hands to count down hours until the New Year.

Plus, parents can even use the clocks later to help the little ones practice telling time.

Balloon Countdown Clock

Another great idea for a customized clock—that’s also a hit among adults—is a balloon clock. Blow up 12 balloons and number them from 1-12 with a marker. Stick them on the wall with two movable hands in the middle.

It makes for a creative photo background, and most importantly, you get to pop a balloon with each passing hour.

2. DIY Noise-Makers

Might as well make some noise to turn it into a real New Year’s Eve party, right?

We know just the noisy craft idea that is bound to delight your little party-goers: paper plate shakers!

For this, all you need to do is place noisemakers like rice and dried beans on a paper plate. Cover the plate with an upside down paper plate and glue the two plates together around the edges. Once the glue is dried, kids can decorate the noisemakers with rhinestones, confetti, stickers and sequins. This gives them something to shake until the countdown.

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