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Choosing a Daycare near Home or Work — 4 Deciding Factors

Finding reliable and quality daycare can be tricky as is;choosing one near work or home can be even tougher. On one hand, knowing your little one is close by while you’re at work is comforting because you can go visit them within a matter of minutes if they need you. But on the other hand, this won’t work well on days when you have to travel for work.

Here are some factors to consider when deciding the location of your kid’s daycare:

1. Who will most often pick up and drop off your little one?

Managing a daycare schedule can be complicated for working parents, which is why they devise a schedule where one parent does majority of the picking up and the other dropping off. In that case, it’s ideal to choose a daycare that’s close to home.

2. Is your home a long commute to and from work?

In a situation where your home is considerably far from your workplace, you might want to opt for a daycare near your home. In case you call in sick to work, you or your spouse will have to drive all the way to the daycare center near your workplace to drop off and pick up your child.

Another situation when a daycare close to home is more convenient is if you forget to pack your child’s essentials and need to quickly retrieve it from home.  Or if your child is sick, it is easier to get home from the center near home than having the sick child in your car for a long time.

1. Are you often required to travel for work?

The frequency of travel your job requires is a crucial factor in determining whether to choose a daycare near your home or place of business. If your work demands constant overnight and out-of-town travels, it’s probably best to consider a child care center near home. This would make it easier for your partner to pick up and drop off your child since it’s closer to home.

2. Is there heavy traffic on your commute to work?

Heavy traffic during commute to work can lead to late drop offs and eventually come in the way of your little one’s daycare routine. This is why it might be best to opt for a child care center near home.

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