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America Needs a Universal Childcare and ECE Approach: This is Why

Even though every child grows and develops differently, they all need a positive and stable environment to grow up in.

A child’s early years play a critical role in laying down the groundwork for affirmative or negative development of social and cognitive skills. 90% of brain growth takes place between birth and the age of five; during this time, they go through some major changes, characterized by age milestones, among other things.

Childcare in the US

Research and studies have shown that early childhood development and environmental factors are key factors in determining children’s physical health, mental health, behavior, and overall development in adult life.

Exposure to negative factors in their early years can lead to substantial damage in terms of adult success, critical thinking, independence, and retention. And yet, America doesn’t have nationwide quality and affordable childcare—since WWII—that offers a nurturing environment, especially for economically disadvantaged children and their parents.

Let’s take a look at why affordable childcare has become necessary in America.

ECE and childcare is crucial for socialization

Children learn a number of behaviors from the environment they’re placed in. Most of these behaviors are automatically adopted and don’t need to be taught.

In many preschool or Montessori settings, children who come from marginalized communities—in a lot of cases, those don’t have access to positive social behaviors—develop social-emotional competence as they engage with other children and observe meaningful learning experiences.

Teachers also play an important part in supporting the process of helping them acquire and practice acceptable social skills that later translate to emotional literacy, positive friendships, and problem-solving and conflict resolution skills.

ECE and childcare lead to the development of enhanced cognitive skills

Children who grow up in environments that offer limited or destructive exposure usually have trouble unlocking their full potential when they reach school. Moreover, the lack of an enriching environment impacts grade retention, reasoning, responsible behavior, memory, response inhibition, and heightens the potential for criminal activity.

Montessori and preschool programs contribute to development and learning that offer motivation, opportunities and enhanced skills to children. Children can later translate these attributes to achieve lifelong success as they navigate through different stages of life.

Childcare and ECE with Abacus Montessori Academy

Despite the lack of universal child care centre in the US, at Abacus, our aim is to offer equal opportunities to children from all backgrounds in Pennsylvania. We’re based in Chalfont and aim to provide every child and Montessori toddler under our care with a solid start through multi-approach programs.

To know more about what we do, visit here! You can also talk to us directly at 215.996.0591 or can ask a question here.

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