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3 Reasons Why Music is Important for Early Childhood Development

Music helps in sensory development.

Music is a part of our everyday life and is a vital element of history and culture. It’s a form of self-expression that helps humans from a very early age. According to the Brain and Creativity Institute, musical experiences during early childhood have proven to promote brain development, especially in the zones of language acquisition and reading abilities. National Association of Music Merchants Foundation also found that learning to play an instrument can bring forth improve improvements in children. Here are some more reasons why music is a vital component of early childhood development: 

 1. Increased Vocabulary

Music can introduce vocabulary, word patterns, phonemes, sequence, and rhythm to your child. Although lyrics in a nursery rhyme might seem alien to your child, their understanding is developed by identifying the storytelling in the rhyme. Constant repetition helps children get familiar with these language elements and then they start incorporating these new words and phrases in their daily conversations. You can even add your child’s name in their favorite nursery rhymes to help them learn more words and associate the song with themselves.

Including a dance routine in class helps strengthen muscles and balance.

2. Builds Muscle Strength and Balance

You may have noticed your little one dancing to certain songs. Children are quick to identify the rhythm of music and can move their body to the beat.

Music increases children’s tendency to move and develops their fine motor and gross motor skills. A lively rhythm might make your toddler jump up and down, helping build their muscle strength and balance.

If your child begins to dance, it’s best to join and dance with them. They’ll start to imitate your moves, which helps them enhance their clutch grip, perfect their hand-eye coordination, and practice self-expression.

3. Accelerates Sensory Development

All of the information that children take in is through their senses. Music involves the activation of all senses and helps your child put them to good use. Exposure to various types of music helps strengthen and create more connections between the cells in your child’s brain, encouraging sensory development. 

At Abacus Montessori Academy, we recognize the crucial importance of music, which is why it is a part of our everyday routine. We offer an enriching environment for kindergarten nursery center and Montessori children to help them develop cognitive, social, and emotional skills to encourage mind and brain stimulation.

If you’re based in New Britain, Perkasie, Colmar, or Warrington, PA, Abacus Montessori Academy is the place for your child. Take a tour of our facility today or contact us for more information about day care center New Britain.

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