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Raising Kids the Montessori Way: Montessori Parenting 101

A Montessori education at a daycare center or a preschool seems intuitive enough but incorporating such an approach in the home can go a long way in helping your child receive the consistent care and attention they need. Of course, most parents don’t have degrees in education, so raising their kids the Montessori way is easier said than done. However, as this study shows, that hasn’t stopped parents from employing a Montessori philosophy at home.

Here’s how you can do it too.

Foster Your Child’s Independence

It’s understandable why parents would want to make every decision for their children. You wouldn’t want them to be hurt and face negative consequences for their actions. However, this behavior on the part of the parents hinders their child’s development, particularly in their decision-making abilities and independence.

Montessori classrooms and curricula are designed to provide children the ability to work interactively and develop their problem-solving skills. Within the classroom, children can easily access the bathroom and kitchen areas by themselves. It fosters a sense of control and independence over their surroundings and the daily tasks they need to perform.

Your Child Is a Whole Person, Treat Them as Such

Respecting children isn’t something society typically values. A Montessori education prioritizes treating children as people, not blank slates waiting to be imprinted on.

Respecting your child can look like a “thank you” if you make them wait for you, or an apology when you prove to be the wrong one in a discussion.

Provide Them With Choices, But Within a Limit

One of the primary practices in Montessori is to provide a sense of freedom, but within reasonable limits within their daily activities. This is both for the purpose of their safety and for helping them understand consequences and what is and isn’t acceptable. For example, when at the park, let your child be in control of how they wish to play. However, set limits with respect to where they can and cannot go.

When assigning a task to your kids, provide them with limited options to choose from. If they try to bargain, listen to them but don’t be overly complacent. An effective way to go about negotiating with your kids is to promise a reasonable reward if they do what you ask.

At Abacus Montessori Academy, we provide children a well-rounded, inclusive, and high-quality education that fosters their creativity, social-emotional development, decision-making, and independence. Our preschool, child care centre and daycare center is located in Chalfont, PA.

If you’re located in Quakertown, Perkasie, New Britain, Warrington, Lansdale, or Doylestown, PA, take a tour of our facility today or contact us for more information about day care center Chalfont.

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