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Life Skills Preparedness: 5 Activities at School for Psycho-social Development in Early Childhood

Social and psychological development is an important part of childhood education and adult success. Children understand and apply psycho social learning through verbal and non-verbal activities, participation in plays and activities, active listening and peer relationships, among other things.

Here are some common activities to introduce children in classrooms and play settings to help them develop practical life and psycho social skills.

Sports Activities

Sports are so much more than being about physical strength. It plays a crucial role in children’s psychological learning. Understanding failure, potential of growth, conflict resolution and teamwork, sporting activities acts as a key point in personality building and development.

Through every achievement children learn self-worth, identity and their place in the team and among their peers.

Career Activities

An important aspect of psycho social development is helping children understand and explore their interests. When encouraged during their early years, career exploration doesn’t just help children find and pursue new interests but also allows them to connect with their peers who share the same passions.

Themed activities like ‘When I Grow Up’ and ‘Career Day’ allow children to be more aware and prepare better for their adult life.

Feedback Meetings

Classrooms that involve children in problem-solving and concern-sharing activities produce children with strong psycho social skills. Research shows that constructive feedback—positive and negative—is directly associated with changes in behavior, self-perception and perception of competition

Role Playing

Activities that allow children to step out of their own individual characteristics and understand new situations and environments help fuel their imagination. Creative play prepares children to prepare for life challenges that they’re yet to face in real life

Apart from psycho-social learning, role playing activities promote linguistic skills and provide an opportunity for experimentation and collaboration with peers.


Just like role play, stories contribute to children’s understanding of social conventions, accepted behaviors and cultural values. By helping create a sense of the world, storytelling in a classroom setting promote active listening and engagement, and inspire children to imagine and write their own stories.

Psycho-social Learning with Abacus Montessori

Abacus Montessori Academy offers an enriching child care centre environment for preschool and Montessori children to help them develop crucial life skills. Working with a holistic education approach, our program fosters achievement in social, emotional, psychological, physical and intellectual growth.

We focus on developing practical life skills in toddlers and sensorial play as well as academic learning to stimulate children’s mind and brain development. Parents in Pennsylvania and surrounding areas can enroll their children with us here.

Our preschool and kindergarten nursery center is located in Chalfont, Pennsylvania.

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