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Encouraging Curiosity in Your Child

Research published by the National Institutes of Health states that curiosity is one of the basic elements of human cognition.

William James, a renowned psychologist and philosopher, defines curiosity as “the impulse toward better cognition.” He further states that curiosity in children arises when they see new objects with sensational elements such as bright colors.

Stimulating curiosity in children is extremely important. It helps them develop a sense of imagination and creativity that can prove to be essential components in their lifelong process of growth.

Here’s how parent can encourage curiosity in their children.

Answer Their Questions

When children start to learn how things around them work, they start asking questions. We know answering your child’s 101 questions can be tough, but make sure you don’t give them short answers such as “this is just how it is” or “because I said so.” Doing so will confuse the little one and discourage them. Try to discuss things with your child instead so it adds to their knowledge.

Switch Up the Routine

While it helps keep things running smoothly, sticking to the same routine religiously can make life very boring. Try breaking away from it often by making small changes in your child’s daily life. For instance, you can change their breakfast menu, give them extra playtime, and take them out to their favorite place out of the blue.

Let Them Explore Their Interests

Encourage your child to explore their interests. The freedom to pursue what they love can give them new learning opportunities and pave the way to lifelong process of development.

Read Books Together

Books are your child’s way to see all kinds of different worlds! Take them to the library every month and read books together. Whether your child is reading novels or is more interested in comic books, it doesn’t matter! Just being exposed to books will nourish their curious mind.

Visit New Places

Traveling nurtures curiosity and creativity like no other activity. When a child interacts with new people, new cultures, and new environments, their curious side is stimulated and they’re eager to discover and explore to satisfy their curiosities.

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