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Bond over Season-Inspired Festivities with These Fun Activities for Toddlers

‘Tis the season of holiday fun and family bonding! Winter holidays present the perfect opportunity to bond with your little one, and also work on their developmental milestones.

Let’s look at some fun activities that you can enjoy with your toddler this season:

Volunteering With the Family

This holiday season, as we gather around to exchange gifts, enjoy delicious meals and celebrate the excitement of the New Year, let’s focus on giving back to the community! Volunteering is a wonderful opportunity to teach kids the joy of sharing—the true spirit of the season.

Donate Toys and Clothes

Explain to your little ones that many families can’t afford gifts and that they can make a world of difference by giving away clothes and their pre-loved toys.

Turn it into a family extravaganza and crank up the fun with hot cocoa and cheerful holiday tunes as you drive to shelters to drop off clothes and toys.

Serve Holiday Meals

A lot of community service organizations and faith shelters host free holiday dinners for the needy. You and your kids can pitch in by preparing dishes and serving the guests. Your family can even take holiday cheer to the streets through organizations like Meals on Wheels

Personalized Ornaments

What better way to bond with the kids than decorating the tree together with personalized items. We love creating handprint mitten ornaments!

Mix salt, flour and water, knead the dough and give it to your little one to flatten it out with a kid-friendly rolling pin. Cut the dough out in the shape of a mitten and ask your children to press their hands into it to make a good impression. You can even carve out the child’s initials on the mitten dough.

Bake it and then ask your child to paint it in their own creative way, and voila, you have an adorable set of mitten ornaments for the tree. Add ribbons as a final touch to hang them on the tree or place them in stockings.

Winter Backyard Olympics

Organize your own version of winter Olympics that’s not only fun, but also works on your toddler’s motor skills and balance.

  • Pick a suitable tree and have your child take turns shooting snowballs at it; it gives your little one a chance to practice their hand-eye coordination.

  • A sled race competition! Add some excitement to normal sledding by using a timer to see who goes down the fastest.

Sensory Boards

You can never go wrong with a sensory board for kids this holiday season—they’re a great way to enhance your toddler’s sense of touch. All you need is a foam board, some glue, and your child’s favorite Christmassy items to touch. For instance, stick a Christmas hat, small pine cones, pom poms, ribbons, jingle bells and bows on the foam board.

As your little one explores the board, talk about each object and describe them. Introduce their names, explain the texture and encourage them to touch the objects gently. For example, when your child gets a hold of the giant red bow, talk about how we give presents to one another during the holidays.

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